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Festival walkabout entertainer

Walkabout, Comedy and Costumed Characters for Festivals and Events

Festival Entertainer

Mr Brown's Pig has a wide variety of puppets, costumed characters and comic material suitable for all types of occasions - from cabaret to parties (adult's and children's) through to fairs, festivals and community events.

The puppetry can sometimes be unexpected and surreal. Other times they can be endearing and magical.

Performances are always delivered with comedy and humour.

We have been going there [Trowbridge Festival] since about 1990 and you are the highlight of our festival. As the smallest of us has grown up, the older two of us still come and see you.

Judy (festival feedback)

Puppet characters

Flash, the rare breed tortoise needs plenty of exercise and does tricks. If you tickle him in the right place, he does a poo - much to the bewilderment and delight of younger children!

Puppet characters

Bert the talking dog will talk to you about anything, but especially biscuits.

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Material includes performance poetry, songs and music played on guitar & miniature piano and, of course, puppetry to amaze and delight.

Sergeant Major Harvey Wallbanger and his Emporium of Curiosities (right) is a collection of the wierd, the impossible and the downright silly. Each artefact contains a yarn or story; a healthy dose of fact and fiction. This show works well as a performance art installation.

Harvey Wallbanger's Emporium of Curiosities

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